Do your products protect against Blue-Light?

  • Yes. All of our products protect against the harmful effects of digital blue light.

Which products are for Kids and which products are for Teens?

  • The Frankie and The Billie are for kids ages 3-9. The Casey and The Taylor are for teens ages 10-16.

Do you offer adult Blue Light Glasses? 

  • Yes! Our Adult glasses will be offered beginning the week of September 1st. Please select menu and view our Blue Light glasses for Adults! 

    How long until I receive my order?

    • Please allow 1-3 working days for our team to process and get your order out the door. Shipping times vary per location. For USA, Canada, Australia and the UK, shipping times range from 6-15 days delivery (typically 6-9 days delivery). For more remote destinations, shipping times may longer so please view your order via your confirmation email to see live tracking updates.

    What currency are your prices?

    • All prices are listed in USD.

    Where is your company based?

    • We are based in Indianapolis, IN! Feel free to send us a message to say hi at candmonlinebiz@gmail.com.